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I’m the Environment Agency’s Environment Manager for Herefordshire and Worcestershire. I manage a Department of about 70 people who deal with various bits of our business.

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We have a very wide range of responsibilities at the Environment Agency. We lead on many aspects of flood management, we permit and regulate many large businesses which may have an impact on the environment (such as landfills, power stations and water companies), we lead on improving the quality of our rivers, monitor the condition and quality of watercourses, and we provide a 24/7 response to pollution incidents.

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During incidents I have two roles (although I only do one at a time!). I am an Agency incident commander, which means I’m in overall charge of our response. This involves making decisions about issuing warnings, deploying staff and putting up our temporary flood defences, as well as liaising with other responding agencies. We do 8 – 12 hour shifts during events which, as you can imagine can get a bit manic! My other role is media spokesperson. Despite having a face made for radio a lot of my time is spent racing between TV interviews! Media interest in environmental incidents is massive and during a big incident I’ll often do 15 interviews a day.

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My recent media highlight was the Upton fish rescue where we returned hundreds of huge fish which had been left high and dry by receding flood water on Upton Ham in Worcestershire.

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It’s not all incidents thankfully and one of he most rewarding parts of my job is building partnerships with others which help to improve our environment. I’m fortunate enough to chair the Worcestershire Environment Partnership (the County’s Local Nature Partnership) which has been a great place to get ideas off the ground and explore new ways of doing things.

I’ve lived in Worcestershire nearly all my life and am acutely aware of the importance of our fantastic environment, not only for its value as a home for a rich diversity of wildlife, but also for the contribution it makes to everyone’s quality of life and to the local economy.

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32 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dave, Re Keith the seal. Under FIA, please let me see the licence for taking the seal?
    And can you confirm there’s no chance of offence under Protection of Seals Act 1970?
    Gerry Taggart 0777 02 10194

  2. I am a high school Geography teacher who teaches Geography at King Edward VI Five Ways School in Birmingham, UK.(http://www.kefw.org/).fwgs .kefw.org. The school King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham, UK is a leading school in the teaching of Geography nationally as recognised by the school’s achievement of the UK’s Geographical Association’s Secondary Geography Quality Mark Centre of Excellence Award. As part of our school’s Specialist work with Geography we have a UK Geographical Association Branch
    http://www.geography.org.uk/ aboutus/branches/ contactsprogrammes/birmingham
    From the above website you can see the type of guest speakers and activities the GA branch runs. Many of these activities are aimed at students who are studying post 16 qualifications including A-levels and IB students. Nearly all of the students will go on to study at university in a wide range of subjects from Medicine to Geography to Economics to Engineering.
    We are trying to expand the range of subjects that we support in school and the wider educational community.
    Would you be interested in giving a lecture to our branch over the next academic year(2014/2015) on the topic of the recent River Severn Floods. The target audience would be Geography, Economics and Science(AS/A2)and their teachers. Your area of expertise covers a cross over of these subjects particularly STEM that will be of interest to many students.
    This lecture would enrich and stretch the understanding of key topics as well providing an opportunity for students to experience what current issues are from a contemporary point of view.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Bob Lang FRGS CGeog

    Geography Dept,
    King Edward VI Five Ways School
    Scotland Lane
    Bartley Green

  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m Kynton Swingle, the current Worcester Students’ Union President. We are holding our Volunteering and Society Awards night next week and would like to invite you as a guest. The awards are to recognise the work the our students do in the local community and to bridge the gap between students at the University of Worcester and the wider Worcester community. We would be delighted if you could join us next week. If you are interested I’ll ensure you get the invite ASAP via email.


  4. Afternoon Dave

    Would you be willing to talk about the work of the Environment Agency at an assembly at The King’s School, Worcester at some point in the future?


    Jon Ricketts

    Senior Deputy Head

  5. Dave
    Has the water quality on the Avon taken a dive? Plenty of duck and geese but not much fish activity. Not much fry in the shallows. We’re having good weather but not much surface activity.

    • Nothing significant reported. Low flows and warm temps mean oxygen levels probably quite low which may explain lack of activity. Rain and cold temps at weekend will probably resolve!

  6. Hi Dave.
    Is it all possible to get a list of waters affected by crayfish in the Worcester area and a licence and permission to trap them.
    If so could you let me know all the details I would need to do so.
    Many Thanks.
    Clive j Sharp

  7. Hi Dave,
    Excellent Blog, keep up the good work. I am an academic and currently writing a not-for-profit student text book (to be published by Wiley) about ‘Disaster risk reduction’ and I would really like to use one of the images from your blog in the book; it is the image of the EA team putting up the demountable flood defences in Bewdley (I believe); this one https://davethroupea.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/20130303-202430.jpg?w=584 Please can you let me know if you would be happy to grant me permission to use the image (fully attributed to you of course)? Best wishes, Lee

  8. Hi Dave

    I am a graphic designer working on an interpretive signage project in Tewkesbury, for Tewkesbury Council.

    One of the signs describes elver fishing on the River Severn and I am trying to track down a decent image to illustrate the copy.

    It would be a great help if you could forward the contact details for the photographer/image owner of these images taken, I think, just south of Tewkesbury:

    Thanks in advance

    Jamie Flint

    Image Zoo Ltd
    The Mews, Greenwood Manor
    Greenwood Avenue
    Belfast, BT4 3JJ

    +44 (0)28 90 200 420

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